Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Out of Quarantine and loving it!

Sam's quarantine ended yesterday and we went shopping, to Grandma Julie's, saw Felicity (she really grew alot in 3 weeks) and even stayed up past his bedtime. It was a big day!

Today I got my haircut! I love getting my haircut and I almost fell asleep a couple of times. Is it sad that it felt like a mini vacation? Tara (Brett's girlfriend) cut it at the new salon she works at, Haven Salon. It is an old house in South Provo and really cute! My hair is so short that it can barely go in a ponytail and I love it! She did a great job and it is just what I wanted. The real test will be how it looks after I do it by myself tomorrow!

Sammy Loves...

Sammy loves to run into our bedroom and jump on the pillows and any blankets that are on the floor.

Sammy loves to have the blinds pulled up in the dining room so that he can look at Lucy. Lucy just whines and wants us to come outside. They are getting to be such good friends and Lucy is so good and gentle with Sam. Even when he smacks her hard on the nose!

Sammy loves playing with his play-doh. The first time he cried and cried when I squished a car we had made. I don't think he understood that we could make another one. He gets it now and loves to make new things (or mostly just poke it with a fork!)