Saturday, September 26, 2009


Molly slept through the night (10 pm-7am)!

Was it because:

A. She is getting older and starting to realize that sleep is wonderful?

B. Sam turned her part of the monitor off, and between the fan and humidifier (I have a cold) that I just didn't hear her, she gave up and went back to sleep? Did I ignore my starving baby (again, Sam's fault)?
I really hope it's A!

Potty Training= Kill me now!
Any suggestions or tricks? Please.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Molly's Blessing Day

Molly was blessed on September 6th by Devin. It was a great day with lots of friends and family surrounding us. Thanks to everyone who shared this great day with us!

Devin's mom
My mom

2 months old

Molly is two months old now (well, a little more because I'm slow). She is growing like a weed.
The stats:
10lbs 15 oz (53%)
23.5 inches (87%)
OFC 15.25 inches (49%)
Looks like she may be tall like Devin!
She is smiling a lots, mostly in the mornings. She is lots of fun!