Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our sweet Molly is now 3 months old. She loves smiling, taking baths and being entertained by her crazy brother. She does not like being in a room alone. Somehow she can tell. She is getting so big. Sam was never this chubby. At what age do fat thighs stop being cute? Because I think they are about the cutest things ever. And she is getting two teeth. I decided she is too young for that, but the teeth don't seem to care.

Does anyone else think my baby looks like "Stretch Armstrong"? She really is super long.

Today we did our pumpkins. When Sam gets a little older we might actually carve them, but for now this is so much better. Sam could not stop honking the clown's nose. What a goof ball!

Molly=Princess, Sam=Clown (how true!) Krista=Skeleton (so not true!), Devin =Pirate
The Hansens love them some Halloween. Sam still runs around the house saying "It's Halloween-time". So cute!
P.S. I gave up potty training Sam. At the precise moment when I was feeding Molly and could not get up, and Sam was splashing in his pee-puddle on the floor.... I decided someone in kindergarten could teach him. Or maybe I'll try again in a few months. We'll see.