Wednesday, December 9, 2009


WHY? This word has unfortunately found its way into Sam's vocabulary. I mean it now IS Sam's vocabulary. After I have answered with 5-6 real reasons to his WHY, I just give up and say "Because I said so" or "Just Because". Is that so wrong?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life is Good

When your kids are this happy in the morning...Life is Good
When your kids like being together...Life is Good

When kisses happen voluntarily...Life is Good

When you are blessed with a baby that is this cute and smells good every night...Life is Good
When you are ALL having a great Thanksgiving...Life is Good (Molly's first cereal)When the boys at your house look this good and even make it to church on time...Life is Good

When you get a good picture of your 2 kids in their Sunday clothes...Life is Good
When this happens 0.2 seconds after the good picture...Life is GREAT!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Sam is now quite the little talker. I thought it would never happen. I love to see his little personality emerge more every day.

K: What is your favorite color?
Sam: Red and blue. Because red and blue are for big boys.

K: Who is your best friend?
Sam: Daddy and you and Molly and Lucy (giggle)

K: What is Santa going to bring you?
Sam: HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS. That's the surprise on Christmas time. And it's so noisy.

K: Why do you suck your thumb so much?
Sam: Cuz I can suck it in the daytime. In this room.

K: What is your favorite animal?
Sam: Well then, it's a horsey and a cow. We saw plenty cows when we were going...'Member the little pony at someones house? Kate and Trevor and Austin, remember their house? It was fun.

K: What are you going to be when you grow up?
Sam: Well, I really like to be a sootball (football) player. It's good to be a football player.

This was cut short by Molly waking up and Sam telling me, "Molly's waking up. Check on her please. Right now."
Then he got his Mickey Mouse flip flops and told me he was ready to go to the beach.
My life is pretty fun with this kid!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4 Months

Molly is now 4 months old! She is getting so big and just wants to play while I take pictures and not hold still. She rolled over about a week ago too.
Her stats:
Weight 13.5 lbs (53%)
Length 25.7 in (92%) WOW! Volleyball here she comes.
OFC 16.1 in (46%)
Likes: eating, sleeping at night, smiling, baths, her mobile, laughing when Sam laughs, chewing on whatever she can get in her mouth
Dislikes: any noise while she is trying to eat (talking, footsteps, noises made by Sam), being on her tummy, being alone

P.S. I made that flower clip. I'm crafty.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Jumping in freshly raked leaves must be instinctual. I was raking and Sam just came and jumped from pile to pile. Where did he learn that? We have had lots of fun playing outside.

Molly is getting big and loving her Bumbo seat. I love it too.

Lots of people tell me that Molly looks just like Sam. Sure, she's bald like he was. I didn't really see it until I saw this picture. She looks like a girl though, right?Sam and Devin were throwing up all day on Halloween so we didn't get to go trick or treating. Sam was so sad. So a week late we dressed the kids up and let Sam go. We went only to selected (prewarned) houses and they were all good sports. Sam didn't know the difference and he had a great time.Sam was a "B...I...U sootball player" Poor kid can't say "Y" or "F" yet. He was super cute!Molly was the cutest BYU cheerleader I've ever seen.
Devin was a giant tree for Halloween. Seriously. It went with his group thing at work. He did a great job on his costume and I only had about 1 hour of sewing the night before. Actually less than usual. He was successful in scaring many adults and kids. He also was voted "Favorite Costume" at Omniture and won the BIG $$$$. Not really surprised.

Devin with Sam and my dad. My dad is a little over 6 feet tall. My husband is pretty awesome!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Our sweet Molly is now 3 months old. She loves smiling, taking baths and being entertained by her crazy brother. She does not like being in a room alone. Somehow she can tell. She is getting so big. Sam was never this chubby. At what age do fat thighs stop being cute? Because I think they are about the cutest things ever. And she is getting two teeth. I decided she is too young for that, but the teeth don't seem to care.

Does anyone else think my baby looks like "Stretch Armstrong"? She really is super long.

Today we did our pumpkins. When Sam gets a little older we might actually carve them, but for now this is so much better. Sam could not stop honking the clown's nose. What a goof ball!

Molly=Princess, Sam=Clown (how true!) Krista=Skeleton (so not true!), Devin =Pirate
The Hansens love them some Halloween. Sam still runs around the house saying "It's Halloween-time". So cute!
P.S. I gave up potty training Sam. At the precise moment when I was feeding Molly and could not get up, and Sam was splashing in his pee-puddle on the floor.... I decided someone in kindergarten could teach him. Or maybe I'll try again in a few months. We'll see.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Molly slept through the night (10 pm-7am)!

Was it because:

A. She is getting older and starting to realize that sleep is wonderful?

B. Sam turned her part of the monitor off, and between the fan and humidifier (I have a cold) that I just didn't hear her, she gave up and went back to sleep? Did I ignore my starving baby (again, Sam's fault)?
I really hope it's A!

Potty Training= Kill me now!
Any suggestions or tricks? Please.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Molly's Blessing Day

Molly was blessed on September 6th by Devin. It was a great day with lots of friends and family surrounding us. Thanks to everyone who shared this great day with us!

Devin's mom
My mom

2 months old

Molly is two months old now (well, a little more because I'm slow). She is growing like a weed.
The stats:
10lbs 15 oz (53%)
23.5 inches (87%)
OFC 15.25 inches (49%)
Looks like she may be tall like Devin!
She is smiling a lots, mostly in the mornings. She is lots of fun!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Month Old!!

Molly turned 1 month old yesterday! It has gone by really fast. Sam picked out this "Bella Bunny" for Molly, and hopefully I'll be good about taking pictures so we can see Molly grow. Isn't that quilt beautiful? I love it! Thanks for doing all the hard parts Mom!

Sam had to get in on the action. He loves that Bunny!
And now assorted pictures...

Story: Sundays are hard for Sam because he doesn't get a nap. Sometimes he is wired and sometimes he is sleepy. After church he wanted to ride his bike inside and wear his helmet (a normal occurance). He had been quiet for a little while and Devin went to find him. Sam was asleep on the floor in Molly's room. He looked funny with his helmet on, so I grabed the camera. When I took the picture, he rolled over and hit his head on the bottom of the crib. Good thing he was wearing a helmet!!!!