Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This morning at 1:15 am, Sam was waking me up saying "Mom, I need a napkin." I had gone to bed around midnight and it took me a long time to actually get up.

Sam needed a napkin because he had barfed all over the floor!
There I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up.
Luckily he was smart enough to do it on the wood floor, not the carpet.
This wouldn't normally be such a big deal, but we've been homebound for about 3 weeks because Sam, Molly and I have all had RSV. Luckily we avoided the hospital and all felt back to normal on Monday. Monday was a pretty good day after being cooped up for so long.
He started barfing on Tuesday morning.
Can we just dip our house in Lysol, please?
Hope your house is healthier than ours. Guess we'll see you this summer!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Growing Up

Molly is now 6 months old. Where does the time go? It is getting a little more difficult to take these pictures because she is becoming more mobile. She is rolling all over the place. She's trying hard to sit up by herself. Not really trying to sleep through the night. 16 lbs and growing.

I LOVE that face!
Sam and Molly just love each other. Sam makes her laugh the hardest. When Molly is napping (rare), Sam always asks where she is. "I need her."
We tried bathing them together. We'll have to wait until Molly can really sit up all by herself. She was just too slippery, but Sam was in heaven.
Molly is learning to eat cereal and veggies. YUM!
Molly trying to eat a Biter Biscut. Please tell me that your house sometimes looks like that. Please!
Sam is learning to dress himself. Sort of. But the potty training is going pretty well. We just have to get it by August (for Preschool).

Sam became a Sunbeam! I may have had a few tears. His teacher is awesome, she's a kindergarten teacher. What could be better? He loves it!
In fact, he loved his crown so much that he wore it for the next two days. To Target and Costco. He is so happy to be a Sunbeam!

Christmas 2009

Christmas was great! We went back and forth between the Woffinden's and the Hansen's. That's what you have to do when you live 5 minutes from each family. We have been so blessed this year to have Devin's good job, me being able to stay home and TWO healthy kids.

Molly-5 months
Sam and the great Santa Devin got for our ward party. Sam was so excited about Santa and Rudolf this year. They are his "best friends."

Molly's First Christmas
The Girls on Christmas Morning
Sammy got a very manly kitchen and he loves to "cook." His favorite things to cook are "Deons". We have no idea what they are, but I know we'll wet ourselves laughing when we finally figure it out.We also got to visit with some of our very favorite people. Jeremy and Melissa came for Christmas! Even though they stayed for 3 weeks, it still wasn't long enough. We love you guys!