Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Month Old!!

Molly turned 1 month old yesterday! It has gone by really fast. Sam picked out this "Bella Bunny" for Molly, and hopefully I'll be good about taking pictures so we can see Molly grow. Isn't that quilt beautiful? I love it! Thanks for doing all the hard parts Mom!

Sam had to get in on the action. He loves that Bunny!
And now assorted pictures...

Story: Sundays are hard for Sam because he doesn't get a nap. Sometimes he is wired and sometimes he is sleepy. After church he wanted to ride his bike inside and wear his helmet (a normal occurance). He had been quiet for a little while and Devin went to find him. Sam was asleep on the floor in Molly's room. He looked funny with his helmet on, so I grabed the camera. When I took the picture, he rolled over and hit his head on the bottom of the crib. Good thing he was wearing a helmet!!!!

First Photo Shoot

My longtime friend Rachel (Hicks) Barth came and did a photo shoot with Molly. Molly was not super cooperative but we still got some great shots. Then I wanted to do a picture with both my kids and Sam was acting like Molly had the plague. I'm pretty sure thrush is not considered plague-like. That's right. She has thrush. This is pretty miserable for both of us, but it could be worse. Anyway... Enjoy these amazing pictures of my beautiful kids!