Thursday, September 25, 2008

Peaches and a new skill

I learned how to can peaches. It was a lot of effort to get those 12 jars but don't they look pretty all lined up?! One nice thing about staying home is that I now have time to try new things. I am getting really good at making PB&J without crusts and making things with play-doh. I guess I am replacing one skill set with another. I miss my friends at work, but I really couldn't be happier to stay home. Hurray for me!

Need a Laugh?

Have you seen The Incredibles? I think Sammy looks just like Edna Mode (with these glasses on). Who is Edna Mode? She is the super suit maker, of course! Ah, now you remember.
P.S. Thanks for the crazy glasses from China, Ron. Your influence is alive and well in our home.

I forgot!

I forgot that we went to the Thanksgiving Point Farm last month. Oops! It was tons of fun and I'm surprised I forgot to post our pictures. Maybe it's because they all turned out a little blurry. Do you think I had something on my camera lens? How do you clean your camera lens?

Sorry they are blurry, but enjoy!Sammy loved the little goats but did not want to get out of his stroller. Stroller=Safety.

Sammy really loved watching other kids ride the ponys. Maybe next year!