Friday, June 26, 2009

Waiting, Waiting and Projects

I seriously feel like a ticking time bomb. If this baby were going to be as early as Sam, then she would be born today. I don't really see that happening. Too bad for me. I really did enjoy breathing!

We have been getting ready for her and my list of projects for Devin to do just keeps getting longer. He has been so great to do what I ask and put up with me. (Don't feel too sorry for him. He has been getting lots of golf in too).

We have finished the office in the basement (much thanks to Devin, my dad and our brother in law Doug). It looks great.

We moved Sam down the hall into the old office. Devin painted it and I just love it! Sam loves it too and will gladly show you his new room if you come over!

Then we (I mean Devin) painted Sam's old room for "Sister Bear's" new room. (Sam is into the Berenstain bears). We just put a pink stripe where the blue stripe was. It's kinda strange to look in there and see pink. Cute but strange.

Sam's old roomBaby's new room

I will have to post a picture of her quilt when it is done. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I am ready for this little girl to come out. Clothes are washed and put away, my bag is packed, and I got a hair cut and my toes done. But I don't have cankles yet. Does that mean I'm really not ready? Can't wait to see her.

Update: my favorite names are currently Molly and Charlotte. Can't decide. Thanks for all your suggestions. Keep them coming. Any ideas for a name with the nickname being CoCo? All I can think of is Courtney and Nicole.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Any ideas?

Any ideas on what to name this baby girl that is coming in 6 weeks? (Hopefully only 3-4 weeks!)
I'm having a hard time liking almost anything but I like short names or names that can be shortened. (Samuel to Sam...)
Any ideas are appreciated.
I can tell it's getting close. I'm anxious for her to come and the grumpy switch is now ON! Just ask Devin (poor guy).