Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am grateful for

Tonight I am grateful for many things...
My sweet little fishy and his super cute bum
My sweet niece Felicity and her cutie pie Mom (Kelli)
Sam starting to learn how to share. As long as no one takes anything too important.
My little man with a sticker from Target on his head. That he wore for 2 hours. And yes, it is in Spanish.
The thing I am most grateful for is my wonderful husband. Not only does he work so hard every day to provide for us and to let me stay home, he rushes home to save me when I'm having a bad day. He is my knight in shining armor and I love him very much.
Thanks for loving me back, D-dog!


MightyThor said...

You got it, baby! Anything for my princess, the queen of our castle!

rach said...

you are so cute! I love that you have a 'bum' picture and a 'sticker on the forehead' picture in the same breath. And you deserve a great lucky girl!

nat said...

so sweet. it's amazing what a grateful heart can do!

Kelli Radmall said...

Hey-we are grateful for you too! Thanks for posting the cute pic of the cousins sharing. Yeah Sammy! Yeah Devin too!

Marissa Joy said...

Sweet! How are you liking be at home full time? Stephanie said that you guess should hang out too. One day I will move to Utah and we can go on double sister outings with you, Kelli, Steph, and me.