Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sam's Bedtime

Sam is a fast runner! After his bath, I always have to chase him as he runs around naked. We have a strict no-naked-bums-on-the-furniture rule and he does not seem to understand that yet. Here are some pictures from a recent bedtime.

He thinks he is all ready for bed and wants me to read him that truck book. Silly boy!

Me reading seemingly endless books while he slowly drinks his bottle (I know, I know. Please no bottle comments).

This is the cute Thomas the Train blanket I made for him. I really just took fleece, folded it in half, sewed around the circles and put a binding on it. Not too hard, and Sam seems to like it. At least he lets it in his crib. That's the first step.

Wishing you all a happy bedtime!


Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

no naked bums on the furniture? you're no fun

Kelli Radmall said...

AAHH! Naked boy!
The blanket looks great!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

I'm in favor of that rule! I think I'm going to start enforcing that over here!!!
I love the blanket! You are so talented Krista! It is a shame that we can't hang out and work on these projects together!

Katiedid said...

Sam is sooo big Krista! Hey it was really nice to see you the other night Thank you for the cookies! Is that the recipe you used? We miss you at work!

rach said...

Ok I am just guffawing about the 'no naked bums on the couch rule'...that is hilarious--it makes one wonder how the rule really came to fruition?! Come on Krista, fess up.... ;)
He is so cute that little Sammy boy, naked bum and all.