Sunday, November 9, 2008

Multiple Halloween Parties=Random Haloween Pictures

The first Hallowen party we went to was my Mom and Dad's ward party. My mom was Little Red Riding Hood and my dad was the Big Bad Woff (my maiden name is Woffinden, get it?). They were great and won third prize. My dad even sang some weird song about Little Red Riding Hood and then tried to convince us it was a real song. I guess it really is. Anyway, it was fun and dinner was yummy.
Sam was a cute Monkey and Devin and I were Hawaiian tourists.

Then we went to Devin's work party which gets more insane every year. It was even on the news. He was a main contributor, so he was busy all week making caves, dragon and other scary items. I think his fire-breathing dragon was sweet! What a lot of work, I mean fun.

After the party, Sam and I went to see my Grandma who works at the Information Desk at the mall. She wanted to see Sam's costume and we did a little trick or treating at the mall. It was so great. Indoors, stroller friendly, and lots of candy in a small space. Not a bad idea.

(I was Jane from Tarzan and Sam was a monkey. My dad didn't know who I was but said, "I figured you were from a Disney movie." He knows me well. Devin wouldn't be Tarzan. He had to be a knight for his work party. So sad.)Then we went to our ward party and saw even more friends and got even more candy.
What a fun night!


Kelli Radmall said...

We had lots of Halloween fun with you guys. I like the hat with the Jane costume. Very cute. Love that monkey boy.

rach said...

THat is so fabulous, I had to laugh that you two and scott and I all dressed as the same thing...Sam makes a very cute monkey

Zach and Shanna said...

Too cute!! I love it.