Monday, June 1, 2009

Any ideas?

Any ideas on what to name this baby girl that is coming in 6 weeks? (Hopefully only 3-4 weeks!)
I'm having a hard time liking almost anything but I like short names or names that can be shortened. (Samuel to Sam...)
Any ideas are appreciated.
I can tell it's getting close. I'm anxious for her to come and the grumpy switch is now ON! Just ask Devin (poor guy).


Amber said...

We are having the same problem! Some names we've tossed around include:
Emily, Sarah, Brook, Brooklyn, Rachel, Emma, Hannah, Naomi, Natalie, Lindsey, Melissa, and Elizabeth.
We're boring, I know :)
Good luck.

Coco said...

i thought you were gonna name her coco. our you could name her courtney and call her coco. i also like lillian and call her lily.

Coco said...

i meant or

Jeff & Melissa Nelson said...

I LOVE Macie. Or, Taylor, Ellie, Lexi, Jessica (Jesse). I had the same problem with wanting to shorten the name, but don't worry, whatever name you pick, you'll come up with a way to shorten it. Or else, they'll have a cute nickname. Good luck!!

rach said...

I am jealous you have a girl to name, I love Savannah (Savvy), Emily (Em), Paige, Lucy....Good luck, and I hope she comes early-ish!

Tammi said...

I feel you pain girl...I still have 2 1/2 months and I want HIM OUT! Except then I don't get to sleep...oh, and my life gets a whole lot more chaotic with FOUR little crazies pulling me each direction! So excited for you guys to be having a "gril", as Blake use to call them...How about Olivia (Livy), Katelyn (kate), Claire, Kyla, Tressa, or Halle? I don't mind sharing some of my favorite girl names since we are most likely DONE! Good luck...hope everything goes well with your delivery!

Bill, Kristin and Will said...

Hey Krista. This is Kristin Bestor (now Evans) from the old Edgemont ward. I found your blog through Brooke Butler's. Congratulations on your soon-to-be arrival. Having a little girl is super fun. As far as names, what about Kimberly? You could shorten it to Kim. Or Jennifer and call her Jenny. That's my two cents. Say hi to your family for me next time you see them.

Mikel said...

Hey Krista,
Why don't you go with McKenna...since you already stole Sam from us! :)

Uncle Bob and Aunt Mikel and gang
The Arizona Hansens

P.S. See ya in a couple of weeks. It sure would be nice of you to schedule that baby during our visit.