Saturday, September 26, 2009


Molly slept through the night (10 pm-7am)!

Was it because:

A. She is getting older and starting to realize that sleep is wonderful?

B. Sam turned her part of the monitor off, and between the fan and humidifier (I have a cold) that I just didn't hear her, she gave up and went back to sleep? Did I ignore my starving baby (again, Sam's fault)?
I really hope it's A!

Potty Training= Kill me now!
Any suggestions or tricks? Please.


Valley View Ward Relief Society said...

YAYAYAYAYA! Darling dress! Did you make it?? You're so stinkin' talented. If you have any hints on sleeping through the night, that would be great...Brooky still wakes up at least once a night, and she's almost 2. But for some reason, all my girls have done that. And I hear ya on the potty training. I've been working on Josh for, oh, 3 months. Two days ago, he went in and actually did it all by himself (yay!) but then he thought it would be fun to flush his undies down the toilet. HELLO!! Gotta love it.

Oh and by the way, my little sister lives down here by me now and she's in 7th grade. It's reminding me so much of when I was in 7th grade. :) I still have the notes we wrote each other in Biology and Math. hehe.

Valley View Ward Relief Society said...

And Valley View Ward Relief Society would be Shanna. Sorry, I'm a retard some times.

One Hot MaMMa said...

she is so sweet you guys!! i cant wait to meet her xxo~ potty trainning, STICK TO IT. he will get it. loves xo

Kevin and Ashlee said...

Hi Krista!! I found your blog on Paige's. Your little girl is so cute, congratulations! I'll put your blog on my list so I can stay updated. I hope you guys are doing well. Say hi to the fam.

Stephanie Ford said...

Wow, I came over to answer your question about Creed's kitchen, but since I'm so behind on blogs I had to spend forever checking out how busy you've been and how adorable Molly is!

Oh, and Creed's kitchen in From Land of Nod, which is pricey, but I actually found it on sale at Down East Home, and when I was there a week ago, they still had one so if they don't have it at yours, you could ask them to check at the warehouse and ship it to the nearest store, which I think they do for free. And Larry felt the same way, didn't mind buying a kitchen as long as it wasn't girly.