Monday, November 14, 2011

She does it again!!!

Don't fall out of your chair! After not posting for one year (GASP) I thought I'd give it another go. And I have some really cute family pictures that our favorite photographer/Kelli's old roommate took for us. She has done family pictures for us 3 times now, and I have loved all experiences. She makes it really painless and the pictures turn out amazing!
Heather Mildenstein is Awesome!

P.S. Devin- We need a new header. We no longer have Lucy and Molly is almost 2 1/2. Love ya!

And I couldn't get this to format how I wanted. Guess I better brush up on my blogging skills!


MightyThor said...

How's that for an updated header, huh?

Melissa Nelson said...

Super cute pics!!!

Rachel Messel said...

those turned out so cute, you have such a beautiful family!