Friday, February 29, 2008

America got it wrong!

Ok so I have to watch American Idol on the DVR because I am usually at work but I got to watch it last night (because I am sick and stayed home from work), anyway, I can't believe that Amanda Overmyer is still on the show. She was terrible! Alaina Whitaker was so much better than her. I was afraid that Alexandrea would be voted off even though she is really good too. At least we got rid of Jason Yeager but I though Robbie Carrico was better than Luke Menard. Oh well, that is what happens when America gets to vote. Just my crazy American Idol ranting. I kinda wish that I didin't love the show so much, but I can't get enough.

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kelli said...

I agree! Amanda Overmeyer is so over. She really tries to over do it, ya know? Yeah-I could have guessed bye bye to Yeager-he was boring. Like Tofu.