Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Time Sledding

Sammy, Rodney and Trevor in the big tube.

Krista and Sammy after a sledding run. Sammy may have been a little scared.

Today some friends of ours invited us to go sledding. Sammy has never been sledding, so we borrowed a sled from our neighbor and went for an adventure. The snow was not very fast, which was probably good and Sammy went down the little hill a few times with both Devin and I. Mostly we just threw snowballs, and played in the snow. It was tons of fun and we are glad to have fun friends around. Now if only Sam wasn't so scared of other kids!

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kelli said...

Sam-bo went sledding! I am so proud of him and of his mommy too! That was pretty brave.Darling pictures and I love the hat!