Monday, May 19, 2008

Assorted Stuff

My two favorite people in the whole world! Those are some mighty fine looking boys!

Sammy's first scraped knees. We were at the park and he fell down about a hundred times. The boy is tough and I didn't even know he had scraped both knees until it was bath time. He runs so fast and has yet to master the transition from grass to pavement. He's one tough kid!

Sam loves Chocolate Chips! I love Chocolate Chip Cookies (as does my Sunday School Class) so I buy the big bag at Costco. Sam walks around with the huge bag, brings them to me and cries for me to open them. The Chocolate Chips now have to stay in the basement with the food storage.

Sam splashed so much one time that I put on my Knott's Berry Farm poncho. I think it scared him because he hasn't splashed as much since.

Sammy's first experience with Sidewalk Chalk. We can only do this right before his bath because there is as much chalk on him as on the sidewalk!

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Kelli Radmall said...

Oh the poncho-good idea! Cute pictures Sammy boy. I want to sidewalk chalk with you when you are safe.