Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, we are quarantined at our house. Well, really only Sam is. He was exposed to Chicken Pox on Mother's Day. Devin and I have already had the Chicken Pox and Sammy has been vaccinated so we are hoping he won't get it. (The vaccine 85% effective, and if he does get anything, it will be a mild case).
So this means that we will be MIA for at least the next 21 days as we wait to see what happens. We are really sad to be missing so many people and so many events (birthdays, weddings, etc). Feel free to call me as I'm sure I will be having Cabin Fever!


The Blackham3 said...

I was so sad to hear you left the NICU- I wish I could leave and be a fulltime mom. Good luck to you. I will miss your sweet demeanor, even at 6 am. ~Jen

Kelli Radmall said...

Sorry about the quarantine-but thank you for trying to protect our little one. We love you and can't WAIT to see you again!