Friday, February 27, 2009

From Snow to the Beach

I decided to be spontaneous and hitch a ride with my parents to Disneyland. They were going with Blake and his awesome girlfriend Allison for her birthday. So Sam and I packed up and were on our way. Poor Devin had to stay home and work. It was a fun trip but Sam wasn't as excited about Disneyland as I had hoped and there are not a lot of things a pregnant girl can do. Mostly we just had fun hanging out with my cousins and being away from the snow. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping us to have a fun weekend!Sam and my brother BlakeGrumpa and Sam in a Mickey's carGoing on Small World. I liked the changes, but it still had the old stuff I remember. Now if I could just get Devin to go on it!Sam on Small WorldSam watching the parade Sam and Grumpa at Little Corona
I wish this is what I saw out my window instead of snow. It was overcast but still very beautiful.


Jeff & Melissa Nelson said...

I LOVE California! I want to take my kids to Disneyland so bad! Hopefully next year. You need to come visit the unit!!! We miss you!

Kelli Radmall said...

Fun pictures! I would go on small world with you. It's been a while.

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

Looks like a party! I think I need to hitch a ride to Disneyland. I'm sorry there has been so much snow in Utah. We've been in the 70's this week, but the bad news is that the humidity is back. darn.
I can only imagine how much fun Disneyland is for a pregnant girl...hope you still had a blast!

paigernate said...

what a nice break from this cold weather... i could go for a california fix right about now :)