Thursday, February 5, 2009


We were excited to get an Iggy's Sports Grill by the University Mall. Devin went there with work friends for lunch and said it was great. Beginers Luck!
Devin and I went there after my ultrasound and the service was terrible. The waitress seemed to have no idea what was going on and Devin's burger came to the table minus the onions and sauce (so it was just a bun, meat and lettuce). Kinda important ingredients! The fries and the bbq fry sauce are delicious though. Then our waitress took on two more tables and totally forgot about us. We waited for her to bring the check for over 15 minutes. She seemed surprized that we were still there. The food was really good though. We thought of all sorts of excuses... it's only been open about a week, she's in her 50s and probably doesn't want to be a waitress etc. We were trying to be nice and we gave them another chance. Oops!
Last night we wanted yummy burgers again so Devin ordered over the phone. I don't think the girl had ever taken a phone order. Seriously. Devin ordered our meals and then had to ask her when they would be ready and then if she would like to put his name on our order.
As she was hanging up, she told Devin "Talk to you later". Did she think it was her boyfriend? Who says that to a customer? Devin said, (after he hung up) "Yes, I will talk to you in about 15 minutes when I get our food." Serious dingbat!
Devin went to get the food and waited for 10 minutes until someone offered to help him and then they said that they didn't understand his order. Really? Why didn't you say that on the phone? Why didn't you call back (oh, because you forgot to take a phone number)? Is "All American Burger" that hard to understand? Devin clarified his order and was told it would take 2 minutes. After 25 minutes they brought out the food and CHARGED HIM! Are you kidding????? You are going to make us pay full price for cold hamburgers that we had to wait 35 minutes for? I am much less patient and nice when it comes to things like this and probably would have walked out if they tried to make me pay for it, or at least talked to a manager.
Seriously delicious food and the worst customer service EVER! Watch out!!! We are going to wait a few months to go there again. Hopefully they will be able to pull it together by then.
Sometimes a pregnant woman just has to rant about the stupid people who stand between her and her food!


Tim "n" Tracy McMillan (TNT McMillan) said...

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe we'll wait a couple of months as well, and then give it a try. Congrats on the girl...I'm excited for you...I want to have a baby girl someday! You should post some pictures of yourself and your baby bump!

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

I think we should protest! We need big signs that say something catchy like, "Iggy's Piggy service". Lame, I know, but it's late.
Krista! How are you! How is my darling pregnant friend and when do we get to see PICTURES! I hope everything is going well! You are amazing! Maybe it will be twins (tee hee!)