Monday, May 18, 2009


On Saturday, I made my boys wear their matching shirts. Aren't they so cute?! That is Sam's cheese face. It disappeared for a while and I'm happy it's back. It's pretty funny.Not in pain, just his Cheese face.

Sam loved getting a haircut, but mostly just loved the novel idea of a spray bottle. He now wants to spray everything and everyone. Watch out during bath time!
Sam is getting really into his Legos that he got for Christmas. He has also learned that if something breaks he can easily put it back together. That results in a lot less tears!

(This is a picture of Sam showing me a Lego tower)

As I type this post, Baby Kung-Fu is kicking the laptop. I guess she wants some screen time too. We got a $10 Kohl's gift card in the mail from Kohl's and I had a fun time picking out these two onsies and booties. All for a whopping $1.60. How's that for a deal?! I am getting excited for this baby to come out and honestly I wish she was out right now. Devin and I have learned that I'm not really good at being pregnant. Well, I'm just not "happy pregnant". I am very happy to be having a new baby though. Only 8 more weeks!!!!


MightyThor said...

See! I read your posts too! It just takes me a while to remember. Isn't it great how much Sam looks like his daddy? What are we going to do if Baby Kung-Fu (loving that for her name for realsies, btw) comes out looking like daddy too? Mommy will sad :*(

Kelli Radmall said...

Love the pictures. I think you are doing a great job at being pregnant-we all know it's not too much fun! Baby girl will be beautiful no matter who she looks like!

paigernate said...

how close are you to having that baby girl? have you decided on any names?