Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life is Good

When your kids are this happy in the morning...Life is Good
When your kids like being together...Life is Good

When kisses happen voluntarily...Life is Good

When you are blessed with a baby that is this cute and smells good every night...Life is Good
When you are ALL having a great Thanksgiving...Life is Good (Molly's first cereal)When the boys at your house look this good and even make it to church on time...Life is Good

When you get a good picture of your 2 kids in their Sunday clothes...Life is Good
When this happens 0.2 seconds after the good picture...Life is GREAT!


MightyThor said...

Haha! Life IS good, thanks to you, hon! (We made some cute kids, btw!)

Jenn said...


Molly & Sam look sooooo cute in those pictures. Can't wait to see the family Christmas card!!


Kurt Radmall said...

Cute pictures! Molly's dress is to die for! Gotta see it in person soon. Life is good. It's good to remember that.

Tammi said...

Adorable kiddos, Krista! Glad you are enjoying all the funny things Sam is saying...don't forget to write them can't believe how soon you forget...also--record their little voices cause that can help you remember what little angels they are (when they turn 7 and start sassing you!) BTW, thank you so much for the adorable quilt--Baby Drew uses it al the time!