Friday, November 13, 2009


Sam is now quite the little talker. I thought it would never happen. I love to see his little personality emerge more every day.

K: What is your favorite color?
Sam: Red and blue. Because red and blue are for big boys.

K: Who is your best friend?
Sam: Daddy and you and Molly and Lucy (giggle)

K: What is Santa going to bring you?
Sam: HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS. That's the surprise on Christmas time. And it's so noisy.

K: Why do you suck your thumb so much?
Sam: Cuz I can suck it in the daytime. In this room.

K: What is your favorite animal?
Sam: Well then, it's a horsey and a cow. We saw plenty cows when we were going...'Member the little pony at someones house? Kate and Trevor and Austin, remember their house? It was fun.

K: What are you going to be when you grow up?
Sam: Well, I really like to be a sootball (football) player. It's good to be a football player.

This was cut short by Molly waking up and Sam telling me, "Molly's waking up. Check on her please. Right now."
Then he got his Mickey Mouse flip flops and told me he was ready to go to the beach.
My life is pretty fun with this kid!

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Maile said...

Too funny! I love it!