Saturday, May 15, 2010

I made these two dresses: the little one for Molly and the big one for her cousin Felicity. I got the pattern for Mother's Day and couldn't wait to try it. I haven't sewn any clothes in at least 5 years so don't look too closely. But I thought they turned out pretty good and I have a few improvements to try next time. Kelli (my sis and Felicity's mom) bought the blue fabric for me while she was going to school in BYU-Hawaii. I thought it would be great to make something for both of our girls.
The inspiration comes from Elizabeth who makes the cutest dresses for her super cute daughter. Hopefully next time my dress will look as good as one of hers. Thanks Elizabeth!

I think the girl wearing the dress is pretty cute too! It looks cute with jeans or leggings underneath too.


Tammi said...

Such a talented mommy you are Krista! They turned out really cute. And that toe-head wearing it IS really cute.

Dave and Kathryn Dodds said...

Those are so cute! I love that you made one for Felicity too! I just bought Sara and my girls' matching dresses (no sewing here yet, darn! Gotta wait until the babe is at least 6 months before I pull that out again!)
So impressed! The fabric is so cute!

KellySummer said...

cute! i'm impressed!!