Monday, November 9, 2009


Jumping in freshly raked leaves must be instinctual. I was raking and Sam just came and jumped from pile to pile. Where did he learn that? We have had lots of fun playing outside.

Molly is getting big and loving her Bumbo seat. I love it too.

Lots of people tell me that Molly looks just like Sam. Sure, she's bald like he was. I didn't really see it until I saw this picture. She looks like a girl though, right?Sam and Devin were throwing up all day on Halloween so we didn't get to go trick or treating. Sam was so sad. So a week late we dressed the kids up and let Sam go. We went only to selected (prewarned) houses and they were all good sports. Sam didn't know the difference and he had a great time.Sam was a "B...I...U sootball player" Poor kid can't say "Y" or "F" yet. He was super cute!Molly was the cutest BYU cheerleader I've ever seen.
Devin was a giant tree for Halloween. Seriously. It went with his group thing at work. He did a great job on his costume and I only had about 1 hour of sewing the night before. Actually less than usual. He was successful in scaring many adults and kids. He also was voted "Favorite Costume" at Omniture and won the BIG $$$$. Not really surprised.

Devin with Sam and my dad. My dad is a little over 6 feet tall. My husband is pretty awesome!


Kelli Radmall said...

Awesome pictures! Molly totally looks like a girl. She is adorable. I'm so sorry you guys were sick on halloween-I'm glad you guys got to go trick or treating. Love ya.

Jenn said...

Love the pictures and I think Molly totally looks like a girl. Do you remember Madison - she looked exactly like Marcus - but she still looked like a girl. Sick on Halloween - that 's not fun. Hope everyone is feeling better. It was fun visiting with you guys.



Ang said...

i think it's the eys. but other than that, i see alot of you and your mom. she is a cute bb girl!
sorry to hear you guys had the barfs on halloween :( not fun