Saturday, March 15, 2008

100 things about me....ok, maybe just 25

I was "tagged" to write 100 things about myself. I know I won't do 100 but here it goes.....

1. I am a Mom to one of the wildest 20 month olds I have ever seen
2. My loving husband is better than all the guys I have ever dated...combined!
3. I am typing this using my new PINK laptop
4. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 5 years
5. I love to read
6. I love to get regular old "snail mail"
7. I graduated from Timpview in 1998
8. I graduated from UVSC in 2002
9. I attended three different universities/colleges: BYU Hawaii, Weber State and UVSC
10. I took a ballet class in college and was really bad at it
11. I love my husband's bald head
12. I saw Step Up 2 with my brother and his girlfriend (sorry to out you Brett!)
13. I love Disneyland
14. I hate to fly (not scared, just nauseated)
15. I am an Aunt to a cute baby girl named Felicity
16. My cell phone, like my new laptop, is pink
17. I have been working 12 hour night shifts for over 5 years (only 2 or 3 a week)
18. I am not going to my 10 year class reunion this summer-My cousin's wedding is the same day
19. I like to cook
20. I am apparently a slow "texter" because my brother laughes at me when he sees me do it
21. I do not like folding socks
22. I am watching the snow outside and wishing it was hot instead
23. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July
24. I love peanut M&Ms
25. I actually really like teaching sunday school

That is all for now. Maybe another day I'll write more.


Babbling Butlers said...

Okay I talked to Jess and she said she would love to have your number so I gave it to her, hers is 378-5789, her email is I have seen Maile on alot of peoples pages but its blocked so tell her hi for me.

Kurt Radmall said...

Step Up 2? Maybe Brett should get a pink laptop too.

Rachel said...

I think I will be missing the 10 year reunion as good to know I won't be the only one. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you are. At least I can keep in touch with you electronically because I'm not so good at doing it the other way. As far as Rascal Flatts goes, my favorite albums are Melt and Feels Like Today, although there are good songs on all of them.

Kelli Radmall said...

Why does my husband leave such silly comments...? At least he is not leaving anonymous ones on your blog. He has been known to do that with some of our friends. I didn't know you had a pink laptop! Princess PC Power.