Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a really fun, but very busy Easter. We woke up to see what the Easter Bunny brought us and he brought Sam a coloring book with Lightning McQueen (from Cars). Sam was very excited! After church we went to Devin's mom's house and had a fun Easter egg hunt with all the cousins. Sam was pretty good at finding the eggs and then putting them in the basket. Thanks for the fun egg hunt, Maga! Then the tired and cranky boy went with us to the Woffinden party. Yummy food and fun toys from Grandma Julie and Grumpa. Devin was going to take Sam home and put him to bed so that I could stay with my family a little longer, but Sam was hysterical before they even got out of the neighborhood! I guess a boy needs his MAMA! Since we couldn't leave our house, we had some of the "regulars" (Kurt and Kelli, Brett and Tara) come over for a game of Catan. Kelli won and is now the Queen of least until next time!


Kelli Radmall said...

Happy Easter! It was a fun day even though our little bunny was a crazy insomniac. Don't I look lovely with all of my bling?

Zach and Shanna said...

How fun to live close to all your family. I sure miss that. I wish we lived closer so we could play Catan with you. I love that game!

The Washburns said...

CUTE PICS! Fun to see your fam! Are you going to the reunion?