Sunday, March 9, 2008

Go Jazz!

Devin and I went to the Jazz game last night courtesy of his friend Jason Carter's grandma (and her 4 season tickets). It was a really fun game against the Nuggets and the Jazz creamed them! It was the first Jazz game that I've been to and I had so much fun. Thanks to Jason for inviting us and thanks to Grandma Julie and Grumpa for watching Sammy. It really was the highlight of my week!

P.S. As we were stuck in traffic in front of the Gateway, I saw Andrei Kirilenko and Jarron Collins walking down the sidewalk! I wonder where they were going?


Kurt Radmall said...

Wahoo! Those fellas are playing Jazztastically! We have Jazz fever. We are going to win it all this year. Oh, and it's about time. I certainly hope you won't be in your fifties before you go again. Kelli says that I am just spoiled and that not everyone gets to go to lots of Jazz games. Well, humbug to that. Go Jazz!

MightyThor said...

Jazztastic? That's the word of the day for sure. Go JAZZ!